11.15. pegasus-init

create a new workflow configuration

pegasus-init  [-h]

11.15.1. Description

pegasus-init is designed to be an interactive cli tool that generates example workflows, ready to be executed on common execution environments. The example workflows provided are a subset of the workflows availabe at PegasusHub (https://pegasushub.github.io), which are marked as examples.

Some of the example workflows might overwrite the configuration pegasus-init generates. Be cautious when executing commands that may alter the workflow and catalogs generated by pegasus-init.

11.15.2. Options

-h; –help

Prints a usage summary with all the available command-line options.

-w; –workflow-gallery

The location of the workflow gallery file, containing GitHub repositories. [default: ~/.pegasus/pegasushub/workflows.yml]


The directory where you want to create the new workflow configuration.