Pegasus 4.9.1 Released

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We are happy to announce the release of Pegasus 4.9.1 . Pegasus 4.9.1 is a minor bug fix release and includes a major change to how transfers are handled for containerized jobs. Pegasus 4.9.1 also includes support for Shifter.

Until Pegasus 4.9.0 the transfers for the jobs were conducted on the host node in Pegasus Lite job before the application container was launched. However, this limited the ability for users to use transfer protocols that were not installed on the host OS.  Starting 4.9.1 the transfers happen within the application container.

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New Features and Improvements

  1. [PM-1339] – construct a default entry for local site if not present in site catalog
  2. [PM-1345] – Support for Shifter at Nersc
  3. [PM-1354] – pegasus-init to support titan tutorial
  4. [PM-1352] – Build failure on Debian 10 due to mariadb/MySQL-Python incompatibility
  5. [PM-1216] – pegasus-transfer should follow redirects to file urls
  6. [PM-1321] – Move transfer staging into the container rather than the host OS
  7. [PM-1323] – pegasus transfer should not try and transfer a file that does not exist
  8. [PM-1329] – pegasus integrity causes LIGO workflows to fail
  9. [PM-1338] – Add support for TACC wrangler to pegasus-init
  10. [PM-1328] – support sharedfs on the compute site as staging site
  11. [PM-1340] – make planner os releases consistent with builds

Bugs Fixed

  1. [PM-1182] – registration jobs fail if a file based RC has variables defined
  2. [PM-1320] – pegasus-plan doesn’t plan with container in sharedfs mode
  3. [PM-1322] – DB Admin failing when run within planner
  4. [PM-1325] – Debian build with incorrect dependencies
  5. [PM-1326] – singularity suffix computed incorrectly
  6. [PM-1327] – bypass input file staging broken for container execution
  7. [PM-1330] – .meta files created even when integrity checking is disabled.
  8. [PM-1332] – monitord is failing on a dagman.out file
  9. [PM-1333] – amqp endpoint errors should not disable database population for multiplexed sinks
  10. [PM-1334] – pegasus dagman is not exiting cleanly
  11. [PM-1336] – pegasus-submitdir is broken
  12. [PM-1350] – pegasus is ignoring when_to_transfer_output